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Sampit Elementary School Library Media Center

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Information for Parents and Students

Welcome to the Sampit Elementary Media Center! We are excited about this year! I want to share some information about the library with you.

Our Media Center will follow the expectations for student behavior as outlined in our schoolwide PBIS program.

Mrs. Fox's Library Expectations:

Use our walking feet.
Use mindful (quiet) voices.
Respect everyone and everything.

 Behavior Management:

Verbal Warning
Opportunity Center
Parent/Teacher Communication
Office Referral

Individual & Class Rewards:

Class Points
Carpet Reading Time
Library STEAM Centers


Mrs. Fox will see grades K-2 on a weekly fixed rotation for Special Area. Grades 3-5 will have planned, collaborative lessons based on class and individual student needs within each class/grade level. The library will be available throughout the day for open checkout as students have need to return and choose new books.