"Dollars for Dogs"
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Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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St. Frances Animal Center – “Dollars for Dogs” Campaign

The Panther Ambassadors is a group of 4th and 5th grade students at Sampit Elementary School.  They have been learning about leadership this school year, and they have helped teach leadership skills and character education to the entire student body.  In addition to “developing character through leadership”, they believe in helping make Sampit Elementary and the world around them a better place to be!  

On February 22nd, the Panther Ambassadors kicked off a school-wide service project called “Dollars for Dogs”.  Their goal was to help raise money for a new doggy playground to be built at St. Frances Animal Center.  The dogs are in need of more play and exercise space, and our students wanted to help!  The students set a goal of raising $350 to give to the animal shelter, and they asked for everyone’s participation.  The campaign was a huge success, and Sampit students worked together and exceeded their goal!  Sampit was able to raise a total of $681.82!!!!  The students celebrated with a special assembly, where the top 3 classes were recognized and a check was presented to St. Frances.  

All of our students were happy to help our community in this special way!  

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