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Class Rules

Class Rules  

Classroom Rules 

The rules in my classroom follow our school wide rules.

  1. Be respectful
  2. Be responsible
  3. Be safe      

I use the color code system as my behavior guide. All of the children will start the day on the green. When a child has had a warning they will move their clothespin to yellow. If a student is on yellow this is a warning to get their behavior turned around.  If a student is still struggling following expectations they move thier clothespin down to orange.  This results in 7 minutes loss of recess.   I also write a number in the folder that correlates with the inappropriate behavior. If a student is on orange and still isn’t following expectations his or her clothespin will be moved to red. A student being on red results in all of recess being taken and contact with parent will be made either by note or phone call.  Through out the day all students have the ability to turn their behaivor around and move his or her clothespins back up.  I talk to all students about behavior and what they should be doing.  We are promoting positive behavior and want students to try thier best at all times.  When students are doing exceptionally well they can move thier clothespin to blue and then purple.  If it is on purple at the end of the day that student can go to the prize box.