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Focus Goals

Language Arts  

This nine weeks we will focus on strategies within the CAFE Menu to:

  • analyze meaning to support inferences
  • determine and analyze the theme within a text
  • compare and contrast characters, authors,
  • authors use of figurative language
  • vocabulary

Science Pacing Guides   

First Quarter- Mixtures and Solutions, scientific Inquiry

Second Quarter- Landforms and Oceans, scientific Inquiry, STEMS

Third Quarter- Forces and Motion, scientific Inquiry, STEMS

Fourth Quarter- Ecosystems: Terrestrial and Aquatic, scientific Inquiry, STEMS


2nd quarter- reason with mathematics, reason abstractly, use appropriate tools, make sense of problems, use structure, check for reasonableness

Chapter 4 Division by a two digit divisor using mental math, models, and estimation.

Chapter 5 Add and subtract decimals

Chapter 6 Multiply and divide decimals