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Other Class Info

Other Class Info  
Classroom Grading and Assessment Methods  


The students are expected to complete all assignments in a timely manner while doing their absolute best. There will be plenty of opportunity for group work, individual work, and partner work while in my classroom. I will always expect the students to be engaged in the activities we are completing.


Grading Scale:

93-100 A

85-92   B

76-84   C        

70-75   D

Below 69 F


Tests 40%

Quizzes 30%

Class Work 30%

Classroom Rules   

In my third grade class, during the first few days of school my students and I created our class rules. We discussed the things we should and should not do in the classroom and in the school building. They all revolved around the P.A.W.S. expectations at Sampit Elementary School. Our P.A.W.S are as follows:

P=Practicing Responsibility

A= Acting Respectfully

W= Working Safely

S= Success

As for my classroom, I have a chart labeled Fantastic Day, Think about Actions, Parent Note or Call Home, and Teacher/Principle Choice. Throughout the day, as needed, students move their name to the appropriate level.