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Classroom Expectations & PBIS

PBIS, Procedures and Classroom Expectations  

Panther Expectations




Practicing Responsibility + Acting Respectfully+ Working Safely



School-Wide Rules/Expectations


Practicing Responsibility


Acting Respectfully


Working Safely






Ask permission to leave table


Get all your materials before sitting


Remove all trash and wipe   tables


Talk quietly to your neighbors


Use good table manners


Walk quietly in a straight line


Keep both hands on your tray


Wait at stop sign to empty your tray






Flush appropriately


Turn off faucets


Conserve supplies

Keep restroom clean


Minimize time in bathroom


Wait your turn


Wash and dry your hands


Keep hands and feet to self


Listen for driver’s instructions


Keep belongings in your book bag at all times


Use quiet voice when speaking to others


Keep hands, feet, and objects to self


Remain seated facing forward at all times


Remain orderly during arrival and departure

Car Riders-Morning

Stand quietly to wait for bell



Listen for monitor’s instructions


Keep book bags and hands to self

Car Riders-Afternoon

Be on time


Sit in assigned area


Help younger students listen for their name


Sit quietly


Listen to monitors to call your name


Keep book bags and hands to self






Always have a hall pass


Go directly to your destination


Walk in the third block , in a straight line


Move quietly through school


Protect and admire work of students’ and staff


Place fallen work to a safe location

Walk with hands behind your back





Wait your turn to use equipment


Share equipment


Return equipment after using


Ask permission before leaving playground

Use equipment appropriately


Stay is designated area


Sit quietly in your space


Use appropriate responses


Use audience manners


Follow directions


Follow Hands-Up procedure


Move quietly


Wait your turn when entering and exiting


Leave entrances clear






Be Prepared


Actively participate and listen


Take responsibility for your actions

Keep hand, feet, and objects to yourself


Speak kindly to others


Keep classroom environment clean


Follow Directions


Use materials and equipment correctly


Panther Pride: Keeping all visible areas (environment) neat, clean, and free of dirt, trash, and waste. Promoting Panther pride supports our health and safety.


All About Our Class! 

Classroom Expectations

You can expect that I will:

·         come to school prepared to teach exciting lessons each day,

·         treat all students fairly,

·         work hard to provide each student with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in first grade,

·         encourage and assist students in doing their best,

·         and treat each child with respect and love! J

I expect that your child will:

·         come to class prepared, rested and ready to learn,

·         have all homework assignments and 100 Book Challenge reading completed on time,

·         follow the expectations as listed in the PBIS Matrix and practice self-control,

·         use kind words with others and maintain good character,

·         maintain a good attitude and display respect for the adults and students in our classroom and school,

·         follow all school, bus and classroom rules,

·         and always try their best in ALL they do! J

Our School Day

Our school day starts at 7:25am. Students are tardy at 7:35am and stand the chance of missing breakfast and important morning work if they come in late. Dismissal will be at 2:35pm each day except Wednesday, which is 12:35pm. If your child needs to go home another way than they usually do, please contact the office by 1:00pm or send a note to school in their folder. We cannot send a student home a different way than usual without parental consent.    


Your child will have the opportunity to learn through a variety of fun, hands-on interesting lessons this year! We will conduct experiments and complete projects that will be great learning opportunities for the students. We use the My Math curriculum. Students get to experience math through whole group instruction and modeling as well as independent practice, small groups and partner work time. The Journey’s Curriculum accompanied by Daily 5 and CAFÉ is how we will teach Language Arts. During Daily 5, students get to practice skills and work with small groups or partners in the following rotations: Read to Self, Read with a Partner, Word Work, Writing and Listening Center. CAFÉ stands for C=Comprehension, A=Accuracy, F=Fluency and E=Expanded Vocabulary. Between the Daily 5 rotations students will gain whole group instruction based on these important building blocks of reading.       

Breakfast & Lunch

Students are welcome to bring their own healthy lunch or they may purchase a lunch from the cafeteria. If your child brings their own lunch, please do not send candy or soda.  

Behavior System

We will continue with the school wide PAWS system, however, we are adding a few components within our classroom. You will find very specific information about the PAWS system in the back to school packet that will explain the school-wide behavioral expectations.

Students receive PAWS throughout the day for displaying proper behavior. Additionally, I use a stoplight system to help control daily behavior; green (happy face, 2 or less warnings), yellow (straight face, 3-4 warnings) and red (sad face, 5 or more warnings). When students are warned for unacceptable behavior they are individually redirected and conferenced with to be sure they know what they did wrong and why it isn’t okay behavior. If a student receives a straight or sad face, a note will accompany the face on their behavior chart so that you will know what happened. Below describes the disciplinary actions in more detail.

Consequences and Rewards:

5 Happy Faces = Popsicle or Treasure Box Treat (at the end of the week)

Straight Face = Lose 10 minutes of Recess Time & Note Home

Sad Face = Lose Recess Time & PAWS Parent Communication Form

You can expect formal written consequences when students have…

ü  5 Days without 100 Book Challenge = PAWS Parent Communication Form

ü  5 Days without Homework = PAWS Parent Communication Form

ü  5 Sad Faces = PAWS Office Referral

ü  3 PAWS Parent Communication Forms = PAWS Office Referral

Note: Students MAY be written up without first receiving a PAWS Parent Communication Form IF the behavior is extreme, such as fighting, cursing, stealing and etc.

Homework Folders & Homework Notebooks

A homework folder and notebook will go home each day. Inside you will find the homework, homework contract, behavior chart and other important pieces of information for the week. Your child may need assistance with the homework and you will be expected to sign or initial the homework contract and view the kind of day they had, so please check this daily. This is VERY important since you will find items such as our classroom newsletter to keep you informed about our class, school newsletters, fliers, permission forms, field trip information, progress reports, student work and other various pieces of valuable information. Much of the homework will need to be completed in the notebook to save on paper and copying. Please use the front and back of each page and do not skip pages. J  

100 Book Challenge

Students will be allowed to choose and take 6 books home each day that will need to be returned daily. They are expected to read independently each night for 30 minutes, as part of their homework. Please remember that they will need to read to an adult so that they can help with the reading, if necessary. Also, talking to them about the book, asking questions, reviewing sight words and going over their 100 Book Challenge card are important in their success.

Student Progress

Student classwork will go home twice per month in a large, white envelope. Please keep the work at home but be sure to review the work so that you will know how your child is performing independently in class. You should sign the envelope and return it to school the next day. All assessments will be kept in the classroom, however, feel free to stop by to review their tests at any time. In addition to the regular Interim Reports and Report Cards, you will receive a Progress Report twice per month informing you of their grades and classroom performance. This way you will always know where your child stands in both academics and behavior/social areas.  

Field Trips

We will have several exciting field trips this year! Students will not be able to attend if they do not return the permission form. If you would like to chaperone, you will need to fill out a Volunteer Form that includes a background check.  Chaperones are chosen on a first come, first serve basis and will always be responsible for their own transportation and lunch. Chaperones will also be responsible for paying for their portion if the trip requires admission.


Please feel free to contact me through email ( or via telephone (527-4411) to set up a conference, talk about concerns or to discuss your child’s progress at any time.   


Sampit Elementary School-Wide Pledge

                I pledge that I will show my best in all I do and say. I will be respectful, responsible, and safe every day. I pledge that I will do this because that’s the Sampit Way.