Jina Narron Staff Photo

MUSIC rules 

Sampit Elementary now has school-wide rules called Panther Expectations. These will be carried out in the music room as well. PAWS will be given for students who follow these expectations.  I have created classroom rules (directly in line with the school-wide expectations ) that are more specific to the music room.

Rule #1 Listen when someone is talking.

Rule #2 Follow directions the first time they are given.

Rule #3 Treat everyone with kindness and respect.

Rule #4 Take care of our school and classroom.

Rule #5 Work and play safely and quietly.


1st Time: Verbal Reminder 

2nd Time: Student will sit in the "Refocus Area" 

3rd Time: Name Given to Homeroom Teacher

4th  Time: Parent Communication Form Sent Home


**Severe Clause: Severe behavior problems will result in an office referral.


Classes will receive points for good behavior. At the end of each period, the class will be scored in four categories. They can receive one point in each of the following: Entering, Following Directions, Positive Attitude, and Noise Level Appropriate for Activity. The points from each class will be added at the end of the 9 weeks. The highest classes will receive the music award for the 9 weeks. They will hear their class’s name during the afternoon announcements. These classes will receive a D.J. dance party during their special area time. Also, a Superstar Award is given to one student in each homeroom each week. Good notes are also sent home to parents on a regular basis.