Classroom Grading Methods 

All assessments will be recorded in the grade book as well as Powerschool. This will apply to all content areas including LA, MA, science and social studies.. All other tests will be recorded, noted and dated in the grade book specified as Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. Specific % of the criteria will be recorded. Homework will be student graded. If homework is not received, it will be noted in a   homework document booklet. Parents are notified that day in the student’s agenda if homework is not received. The student must obtain a score of 70% correct to reach mastery. The student may be retested more than one time for each skill. Students must pass all other tests by an average of 70% or better when averaged. Students’ grades will be recorded in the school provided agenda in a neat, consistent and orderly fashion. This book will be secured at all times. Students’ attendance will be recorded on a daily basis. School administration and parents will be notified in case of excessive tardiness and/or absences. All forms of students’ performance, behaviors, parent/teacher conferences, telephone calls, notes sent to parents will be recorded on a variety of forms and filed by the teacher. In addition, this year teachers may elect to electronically store grades on a secure website.

**Weight of Assessments and other grades

**Test/Major Assessments 40%, Classwork 30%, and Quizzes 30%.