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Supply List 

Classroom Supply List

        ·            Pencils (no mechanical pencils)                       7 Composition Notebooks          

        ·            Colored Pencils                                                       Index Cards 4X6                

        ·            Blue Ink Pens                                                           Small Ziplock Bags                         

        ·            Highlighters                                                             Pencil Box                

        ·            Crayons                                                                     Ear Buds

        ·            Markers                                                                    2 Glue Sticks or Glue

        ·            Dry Erase Markers                                                Completed Summer Packet

        ·            Loose Leaf Paper                                                    2 Boxes of Kleenex

        ·            Scissors                                                                     1 Bottle of Hand Sanitizer

        ·            Flash Drive

        ·            2 inch binder

        ·            Post-It Notes                


*** No book bags on wheels, mechanical pencils, or trapper keepers.

We hope that you enjoy the rest of your summer and we’ll see you at Open House.


Fourth Grade Teachers