Jina Narron Staff Photo

SC State Music Standards-Student Evaluation 

Standard 1:
The student will sing and perform on instruments, 
alone and with others, a variety of music.

Standard 2:
The student will improvise, compose, and arrange
music within specified guidelines.

Standard 3:
The student will read and notate music.

Standard 4:
The student will listen to, describe, analyze, and evaluate
music and music performances.

Standard 5:
The student will examine and perform music from a variety of
stylistic and historical periods and cultures.

Standard 6:
The student will make connections between music,
other arts disciplines, other content areas, and the world.

Evaluation of Student Progress and Achievement

Music is a very “hands on” subject. Participation is a must for success in the class. Teacher observation will be used for identifying participation and effort. If a student does not participate, this will greatly affect their overall music grade.

I also evaluate each student based on skill and mastery. Students only come to music once a week for a short amount of time, so a formal assessment will only be given every few weeks. Informal assessments will occur weekly. I will assess students mainly through teacher observation as they perform with a group or individually. Although assessments will be done on a regular basis, it will not affect their actual music grade. Their music grade is based on effort and participation only. The assessment process is done to make sure each student is progressing appropriately and to guide instruction.

Effort and participation will be indicated with  a Satisfactory, Needs Improvement or Unsatisfactory.