PBIS Expectations 

Panther Expectations

Practicing Responsibility + Acting Respectfully+ Working Safely



School-Wide Rules/Expectations


Practicing Responsibility


Acting Respectfully


Working Safely


*Ask permission to leave table

*Get all your materials before sitting

*Remove all trash and wipe tables

*Talk quietly to your neighbors

*Use good table manners


*Walk quietly in a straight line

*Keep both hands on your tray

*Wait at stop sign to empty your tray


*Flush appropriately

*Turn off faucets

*Conserve supplies

*Keep restroom clean

*Minimize time in bathroom

*Wait your turn


*Wash and dry your hands

*Keep hands and feet to self


*Listen for driver’s instructions

*Keep belongings in your book bag at all times


*Use quiet voice when speaking to others

*Keep hands, feet, and objects to self


*Remain seated facing forward at all times

*Remain orderly during arrival and departure

Car Riders-Morning

*Stand quietly to wait for bell



*Listen for monitor’s instructions


*Keep book bags and hands to self

Car Riders-Afternoon

*Be on time

*Sit in assigned area

*Help younger students listen for their name

*Sit quietly

*Listen to monitors to call your name


*Keep book bags and hands to self



*Always have a hall pass

*Go directly to your destination

*Walk in the third block , in a straight line


*Move quietly through school

*Protect and admire work of students’ and staff

*Walk with hands behind your back



*Wait your turn to use equipment

*Share equipment


*Return equipment after using

*Ask permission before leaving playground

*Use equipment appropriately

*Stay is designated area


*Sit quietly in your space

*Use appropriate responses

*Use audience man

*Follow directions

*Follow Hands-Up procedure


*Move quietly

*Wait your turn when entering and exiting

*Leave entrances clear


*Be Prepared

*Actively participate and listen

*Take responsibility for your actions

*Keep hand, feet, and objects to yourself

*Speak kindly to others




*Follow Directions

*Use materials and equipment correctly