Crystal D Poston Staff Photo

100 Book Challenge 

The 100 Book Challenge Program is a very important part of our curriculum at SES! Each day after a short lesson based on reading standards, we take time to read independently for 30 minutes. During this time, I will conference and read with your child one-on-one to ensure that they are working on or toward their reading goals.

Please help your child reach their reading potential by reading with them at home each day for 30 minutes. As part of their daily homework assignments, students are required to read for 30 minutes and sign 2 lines.  I will send home various resources to assist you in this area. 

Please see the "Useful Links & Games" section for links to additional information about the program.  You will find online books for your child to read, leveled cards that will help you work on reading comprehension and sight words with your child and reading logs that you can download and print.