Water Day!


                                                                                                                Panther Expectation


                                                                  Practicing Responsibility + Acting Respectfully+ Working Safely




School-Wide Rules/Expectations


Practicing Responsibility


Acting Respectfully


Working Safely






Ask permission to leave table


Get all your materials before sitting


     Remove all trash and wipe    tables


Talk quietly to your neighbors


Use good table manners


Walk quietly in a straight line


Keep both hands on your tray


Wait at stop sign to empty your tray






Flush appropriately


Turn off faucets


Conserve supplies

Keep restroom clean


Minimize time in bathroom


Wait your turn


Wash and dry your hands


Keep hands and feet to self


Listen for driver's instructions


Keep belongings in your book bag at all times


Use quiet voice when speaking to others


Keep hands, feet, and objects to self


Remain seated facing forward at all times


Remain orderly during arrival and departure

Car Riders-Morning

Stand quietly to wait for bell



Listen for monitor's instructions


Keep book bags and hands to self

Car Riders-Afternoon

Be on time


Sit in assigned area


Help younger students listen for their name


Sit quietly


Listen to monitors to call your name


Keep book bags and hands to self






Always have a hall pass


Go directly to your destination


Walk in the third block , in a straight line


Move quietly through school


Protect and admire work of students' and staff


Place fallen work to a safe location

Walk with hands behind your back





Wait your turn to use equipment


Share equipment


Return equipment after using


Ask permission before leaving playground

Use equipment appropriately


Stay is designated area


Sit quietly in your space


Use appropriate responses


Use audience manners


Follow directions


Follow Hands-Up procedure


Move quietly


Wait your turn when entering and exiting


Leave entrances clear






Be Prepared


Actively participate and listen


Take responsibility for your actions

Keep hand, feet, and objects to yourself


Speak kindly to others


Keep classroom environment clean


Follow Directions


Use materials and equipment correctly


Panther Pride: Keeping all visible areas (environment) neat, clean, and free of dirt, trash, and waste.  Promoting Panther pride supports our health and safety.