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Kid-Blog Permission Slip

Date: September 19, 2014


Dear Parents and Guardians:


This school year, our class will be using Kidblog, a free and secure online writing platform where teachers and students can write and make comments to each other regarding their writing. In this private learning environment that is managed by me, the teacher, students can only interact with others in the class. Kidblog provides a safe and easy way to support learning beyond the classroom, and help students develop important online skills.


On Kidblog, students will be able to:

·         Participate in individual or group writing assignments that are monitored by me, the teacher, (students cannot send private messages to other students.)

·         Student accounts are created by me with the username being their first name and the password is 6 random letters. Since I will be creating the accounts, students will not be entering personal information such as email, phone numbers, address, etc.


In order for your child to use Kidblog, he or she must have your permission, and you must read and agree to the Kidblog Terms of Service (http://kidblog.org/home/terms-of-service/) on your child’s behalf.


I hope that your child will enjoy using Kidblog to assist their learning this year. You can learn more about Kidblog by visiting http://kidblog.org/why-kidblog/. If you have any questions, please contact me using the information below.




Your Name

Your Email

School Phone


I give consent for my child, listed below, to use Kidblog for class activities.


Student Name: _________________________________

Parent Printed Name: ______________________________

Parent Signature: __________________________________Date: _____________________